Wat Massage

"Because your body is a temple"








Wat (w??t)  Noun  "a buddhist temple or monastery in Thailand or Cambodia"

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Runner up Best of DC 2016- Washington City Paper


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Runner up Best of DC 2013- Washington City Paper

Surrender Yourself to the beauty and healing cultures of Wat Massage, conveniently located in the heart of Washington, DC.

Wat Massage offers the perfect way to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit. From the moment you pass though the door of Wat Massage, you are whisked away from the urban frenzy of the city life and transported into a world of tranquility.

Our professional staff will welcome you into a clean, and luxurious room where your experience begins. We offer a wide range of massages and skin care treatments . All the treatments are applied by trained therapists and aesthetician, who combine modern techniques with natural products known for their ancient health and beauty properties to achieve absolute relaxation and rejuvenation. Accompanied by soothing and relaxing music, candlelight and calming sounds of water fountains, your senses will be re-introduced to the inner calm in you.

Maybe you just need peace and serenity to regain balance and ground you in your own space and time. Wat Massage provides everything you require to help you on your path.

Wat Massage is the only studio in  Washington DC to have state of the art Oakworks Hydraulic massage Lift tables in all are treament rooms.  They are wider and have extra padding to make your experience much more enjoyable. Our boiance face rests have a revolutionary design that feature ultra comfortable padding and water spheres to reduce pressure on the eyes and sinus cavities. The union of ultra comfortable padding and water spheres combine to deliver an exceptional feeling of comfort and relaxation.

We strive to offer the best and friendliest service in the area with certified and well trained therapists and aesthetician . Our ultimate goal is to provide our clients the best experience during the time you share with us.

We hope to see you soon and get the chance to serve you.


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